Day #1368 (Wed., Oct. 2, 2013) – The Daddy Shuffle

2013-10-02 - Katie's Halloween CostumeThe photo to the left shows the Halloween costume that Katie will be wearing this year. We thought it appropriate that she dress up as a cat…she has pretended to be a cat for most of this year.

“The Daddy Shuffle” consists of the following four steps:
1) Sit down at one location (either LazyBoy or Master Bedroom) and watch a television program of your choosing.
2) Katie will seek you out.
3) Once Katie has gotten settled she will get you to change the television channel.
4) Go to the other location…rinse and repeat…

I’m not sure why but Katie has not been sleeping through the night as of late. It sure makes it difficult on mom and dad.

1) Katie loves to play the “Daddy Shuffle”.