Day #1376 (Thu., Oct. 10, 2013) – Katie’s Great Grandmother Dies

2013-10-10 - Katie's BooksThe photo to the right shows Katie’s assortment of books. She is really into books as of late.

My wife’s grandmother in Lithuania died, so Katie effectively lost her “Great Grandmother”. She was into her 90’s so she had lived a long productive life.

When I got home from work this evening Katie was sleeping. We had tried to limit her long nap times in the past, but she would still prowl around into the wee hours of the morning. So, this time, my wife and I decided that we would eat dinner and then go to bed ourselves. I was awaken around 9pm with my wife and Katie asking about the video of the Haunted House (i.e.: Walt Disney Short Film “Dancing Skeletons”).

Katie is really into “Birdman” these days. This is a classic cartoon from the 1960’s that I used to watch growing up. She actually likes the theme song more than the actual show…I had to rerun it numerous times. YouTube on your HDTV truly is a blessing.

1) Katie’s Great Grandmother died today.