Day #1397 (Thu., Oct. 31, 2013) – Our Halloween Party

We are hosting a Halloween Party at our house for the second time this year. The plans are to meet at the street corner and all of the parents and kids will go in a group “Trick or Treating” to the neighbor houses. My wife drew up a map in which each house who wants revelers is highlighted.

2013-10-31 - ParrotAs we were walking over to the meeting area I realized that I should have worn a cat costume this year. My wife is a cat and my daughter is a cat. I decided to be Batman, but a cat would have been more appropriate I think. One of our neighbors had a parrot (see photo to the right).

Once we had visited all the houses we congregated back at our place for some grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and sweets and chat. The kids, pumped up on sugar, were rather tame I thought. Soon everyone left so that they could put their kids to bed. Tomorrow is, after all, a school day. As soon as the guests had left Emily, Katie’s former babysitter, came for a visit. Katie was very happy to see her and they took turns eating mandarin oranges on the floor.

It was hard to put Katie to bed this evening…she was pumped on excitement and sugar…but eventually she dozed off…

1) Katie and the other neighborhood children went Halloweening this evening.