Day #1419 (Fri., Nov. 22, 2013) – Dropping Katie Off At School

My wife had a work appointment so I dropped Katie off at school this morning. She didn’t want to go but I told her that it would be a combined class. She then asked me what “combined” meant. I then played a new CD of instrumental music on the car stereo. She said that she didn’t hear anyone singing. I told her that it was because it was an instrumental. She then wanted to know what that meant… She is sure one inquisitive girl.

2013-11-22 - Thomas PuzzleI picked up a Christmas gift for Katie at WalGreens. It is a remote control spider. I think the kittens might like it as well.

Stephanie was supposed to pick up Katie from preschool today but she forgot. My wife gave her a call on the phone and she rushed over to pick her up.

I was debating on giving Katie the remote control spider this evening but my wife gave her a Thomas The Train puzzle (see photo to the left). She didn’t seem interested in it in the least…even when I took all the pieces out and put them on the floor.

1) I dropped Katie off at school today.