Day #1426 (Fri., Nov. 29, 2013) – Taking Her Medicine

My wife and I saw that Home Depot is having a huge sale on fridges so we bundled up Katie and off we went. While there we also checked out the sliding doors for the closets and the cost of a storage shed for out back. All in all a pretty productive day. Katie was not feeling the best so we put her into the Home Depot kiddie cart and wheeled her about for most of the day.

2013-11-29 - Medicine PaintingToday, for the very first time, Katie took both her ibuprofin and antibiotics without spitting them out. It has always been a big challenge to get her to take her medicine. We praised her profusely…I guess the praise trumped the taste today. We have not always been this successful mind you. The photo to the right shows that Katie can spit the medicine out long distances.

Ramona, Katie’s former babysitter, came to see Katie this evening. She brought Katie a floor puzzle and a nice book in which you can read a story to her and have your voice recorded on it.

I tried to have a teachable moment with Katie this evening. She found the floor puzzle that Ramona brought a bit too complicated. The solution? I told her that whenever she is overwhelmed with a task, break it down into manageable pieces. In this case, assemble all the pieces that look like a particular object into a smaller pile and put those together. With that done, assemble these smaller pieces into the full floor puzzle.

1) I had a teachable moment this evening with Katie in which I showed her how to resolve complicated floor puzzles.