Day #1445 (Wed., Dec. 18, 2013) – Gingerbread Tree Kit (Xmas Day #1)

2013-12-18 - Gingerbread HouseToday is the last class day before the big concert on Friday. We asked Katie if they did a rehearsal at school but she wasn’t very informative.

My wife and I have been instituting the “7 Days Of Christmas” for a while now. Basically, for seven days before Christmas we open up a gift. This prolongs the season and prevents an “overdose” of gifts on the 25th. So for today… The Gingerbread Tree Kit (see photo to the right). Katie was interested in it for a while, but soon lost interest when it got to the “boring part”.

My wife dropped Katie off at school this morning and on the way to the car she met Eleri with her mom. Eleri was lovingly carrying her baby doll. Tonight Katie was playing in the bath tub and also had a baby doll. However, it was swimming in the tub head down, totally forgotten. In the mean time Katie was lovingly kissing her snake, all swaddled up in wash cloth…

1) Katie prefers snakes over dolls?