Day #1448 (Sat., Dec. 21, 2013) – Cookies With Gabby (Xmas Day #4)

Katie got invited over to Gabby’s place to bake some Christmas Cookies today so my wife took her over at 11am and they came back at 2pm. While they were away I fixed the pendulum clock for the wall. I guess while the other kids were playing Katie went into Gabby’s room to read books. Such an unpredictable child. When she wants her alone time she takes it.

2013-12-21 - RC CarI gave Katie another Christmas present this evening, a remote control car (see photo to the right) that I picked up at FiveBelow a while back. Katie was actually getting pretty good at it. The kittens were not so amused…in fact they were a bit scared of it.

Katie is sneezing and her nose is running. Looks like she is coming down with something. That means that daddy will be getting it soon…

1) Katie went over to Gabby’s to bake cookies this afternoon.