Day #1459 (Wed., Jan. 1, 2014) – Happy New Year

I taped the Rose Bowl Parade this morning but Katie could have cared less. I guess that love for the Thanksgiving Day Parade a year or so ago was a flash in the pan.

2014-01-01 - Katie's BooksToday I unveiled the “Let’s Go Guang” DVD/Book Set” that we purchased on Amazon a while back. It is an “Award Winning Multimedia Learning Kit” that is Katie’s first exposure to Chinese. I know that we will only be able to take her so far, but if we can spur her interest in the language that will be great. One more thing for her bookcase (see photo to the left).

We decided to bring the Duplo blocks back as Katie is just not into the regular Legos just yet. She will grow into them but the pieces are too small for her right now.

My wife wanted me to pick up some supplies at FiveBelow for Katie’s birthday this weekend but they were closed. I did manage to get some dinner at Moe’s though.

1) Katie and I started to learn Chinese this evening.