Day #1461 (Fri., Jan. 3, 2014) – Supplies For The “Ocean Theme” Party

2014-01-03 - Garfield BalloonI got a call from my wife while I was at work today. Apparently Katie attacked her Spiderman helium balloon with a pen and “poof” … it was no more. She was crying and wanted me to pick another one up at the Dollar Store. So, I got two balloons at lunchtime today. One Spiderman helium balloon and one Garfield “Happy Birthday” balloon (see photo to the right). I also picked up a bunch of party favors for those children who win at the fishing game.

This evening we had to get ready for the party tomorrow. I put some paper clips on the fish that my wife cut out for the fishing game tomorrow.

As tomorrow will be quite busy we showed Katie the “Happy Birthday” video I had created for her. It was done by Melissa, a professional backup singer from the UK. Katie enjoyed it but seemed to be more interested in watching “My Little Pony”.

1) We showed Katie the “Happy Birthday” song I had Melissa from the UK sing to her.