Day #1505 (Sun., Feb. 16, 2014) – Present From Mexico

Jui-Lan and Mike have returned from their vacation in Mexico and they brought a present for Katie. It’s a beautiful little Mexican girl doll.

I stopped off at Trader Joe’s for supplies this afternoon. It was packed with people stocking up after the snowstorm. I met Miss April and we talked about Katie and the time they were running in the halls and would not stop after the teacher had told them to. Apparently there was a pack of 4-5 girls who were involved…and Katie was one. I told her that I had a talking to her and she should feel free to come and tell us anything and everything in regards to Katie misbehaving.

2014-02-16 - Katie's First StapleThis evening Katie was asking me how the stapler worked so I showed her and Katie made her first staple. She had to put both hands on stapler and use her whole body weight in order for it to work. After a test staple I showed her exactly why you would use a staple…to make sure that papers you want to hold together are securely fastened (see photo to the left).

There is an animated Jumanji cartoon that Katie really likes these days. It involved jungle animals and scary incidents…right up her alley.

1) Katie got a beautiful little doll from Mexico today.