Day #1507 (Tue., Feb. 18, 2014) – 6 Jars Of Honey

2014-02-18 - Six Jars Of HoneyWe are running low on honey. We usually get it at Carpenter Farm Supply in Cary but since we live in Chapel Hill it is quite the hike. At noon today I decided that I would drive out to Cary and pick up a huge supply so that we don’t run out again. It is the one food that will not spoil so there is no worry about not using it up by the “use by” date. I bought six jars and it cost about $75.00. See photo to the right.

Katie gave me a present this evening. It was a little plastic bunny and a spring in a little bag. She took great delight explaining to me how you could pull the cord on the top and the bag would close.

This evening Katie was trying to put a shirt on top of Isabelle the Giraffe. It would not go over her head so she said: “Get in there! I will not put up with that!” My wife tells me that I often say “I will not put up with that so Katie is mirroring this phrase.

1) Katie has started to mirror daddy’s phrases.