Day #1511 (Sat., Feb. 22, 2014) – Helen Comes To Play

2014-02-22 - Power RangersKatie is into “Power Rangers” as of late (see photo to the right).

I went to the Chapel Hill Library this morning as I really need to get to our taxes. The sooner we get them in, the sooner we will get a refund (hopefully). I was there all day but in the end I finished…what a great feeling.

Ever since Katie got up this morning she has been asking if Eleri can come over to play. My wife called up her parents to see if this was possible, but they had other plans. My wife did manage to contact Helen’s parents and she is available though. So, Helen came over to play this afternoon.

It’s interesting to see how different kids will gravitate to different types of play. Katie wanted to play with jungle animal toys of course. Helen was more into princess dress up. In the end Katie, the great hostess, went to Helen and said that she would dress up with her.

My wife sent me this update later this evening: “Midnight. A very sad voice is heard from Katie’s bedroom. Mommy mommy, I need you. I go to ask what happened. “Mommy, if I don’t eat, I will die” “.

1) Helen came over to play with Katie today.