Day #1524 (Fri., Mar. 7, 2014) – Consignment Sale

A bit of ice and snow rolled into town this morning…or at least it was supposed to. I didn’t go to work til the afternoon. My wife was thinking of not going to the consignment sale in Durham but when Nicki came she was out the door. Due to the weather there were not many people there so she got some great bargains.

My wife picked up a number of great buys at the sale today. They include: Dresses, shoes, 30-40 book, 12 “My Little Pony” ponies, 1 ride-on pony, bath toys.

2014-03-07 - Princess BooksKatie especially expressed an interest in “Princess Books”. Not for her mind you, but because Helen likes princesses and wanted to have them for her when she comes over to play next time. My wife was so touched by this act of kindness that she picked some up (see photo to the left).

1) Katie now has princess books…for when Helen comes to play.