Day #1527 (Mon., Mar. 10, 2014) – No Eat Fussiness

2014-03-10 - Sleeping KatieKatie loves to sleep with her stuffed animals. In the photo to the left you can see her napping with Sealy.

When my wife dropped Katie off at school today she met up with Vanessa who gave her Katie’s little toy parrot. I guess that Eleri had it in her hand when Katie left the playground yesterday. This is good…I’m sure that Katie would have started to miss it at some point.

Katie was in an extremely fussy mood when I got home this evening. She was crying in her room when I went in to see her. She snuggled next to me and told me that she wanted a friend. I said that I would be her friend, but she insisted on having a friend her own age. This was just the start…

Katie complained about a number of things this evening and her whining was getting on my wife and my nerves. In the end we were able to coax her into eating some quinoa and pork and her mood improved almost immediately. At least tonight she would eat. It’s a real treat when she is fussy and refuses to eat and it just goes on and on and on…

I went to bed from about 7pm – 10pm and Katie was taking a bath when I got up. My wife went to bed and I took care of Katie. Katie wanted me to take a huge tub of jungle animals to the bedroom so we could play and when we got there she changed her mind and back to the living room we went. Eventually she wandered into her bedroom and read books for quite a while.

I tucked Katie in around midnight but that was not to be the end. Around 1am she cried out that she wanted some juice so hopefully that will be it…

1) Katie can sure be a “fussy mussy” when she doesn’t eat.