Day #1542 (Tue., Mar. 25, 2014) – No Nap For Nicki

2014-03-25 - PaintingThe photo to the left shows the painting that my wife did and which we recently framed.

Nicki was off all last week so today was her first day back babysitting Katie. This was also the first time that Katie didn’t have a nap for her mid-day.

Nicki took Katie to the dentist today and she was a very brave girl. She had a filling and didn’t even have have any shots or numbing.

We are having a terrible time keeping Katie off the cat tree. She loves to climb up on it and watch television. It is not that stable and we are worrying that she will break it. It looks like we are going to need to have some sort of a climbing gym for her at some point.

1) Katie went to the dentist today for a filling and required no shots or numbing.