Day #1563 (Tue., Apr. 15, 2014) – Halloween House Videos

2014-04-15 - CupcakesKatie wanted to be helpful to Nikki today so they decided that they would make my wife and I a nice meal. They made lasagna and cupcakes. The lasagna was delish…but for some reason my cupcake and another one had a section taken out of it (see photo to the right). It actually looks like someone took a bite out of it…funny how you can make things looks so realistic (one would like that Katie actually took a bite out of it…)

This evening I found some Halloween videos on YouTube. In a couple of them young girls were showing how you can make Halloween faces just from makeup. One girl added a third eye and another face. Yet another girl made a face of “shark girl”. I then found some videos of Halloween house decorations that people put up and Katie was all over that. Before these came up my wife said we might as well turn it off as Katie was not watching it. Once she saw the first Halloween house decoration she said “I’m watching now…” We laughed.

Later this evening Katie and I went into our “Little Miss Fancy Pants” routine. She loves this activity.

1) Katie wanted to be helpful today and helped Nikki cook dinner for my wife and I.