Day #1565 (Thu., Apr. 17, 2014) – Katie The Cowgirl

2014-04-17 - Cowgirl OutfitWhen I got home from work this evening Katie was playing in the front yard in her cowgirl outfit (see photo to the right). It was so authentic looking I actually thought it was a boy as I was driving up. I rolled down the car window and said “Howdy Cowboy”. She replied “Yee Haa”… She’s going to have one great sense of humor when she grows up.

The next step was to go and see the work that has progressed on the shed. They are starting to put the singles on the roof so it won’t be long now.

Katie was all over me this evening to put a video on about Frankenstein. I think she was referring to one of the YouTube videos about Halloween Decorations that I put on last night. I did manage to find one that I thought she would like but soon she was down in the bedroom where I was working on the computer. I guess it was a bit too scary…

1) Katie is really into Halloween videos on YouTube these days.