Day #1577 (Tue, Apr. 29, 2014) – Shed Inspection Failed

The inspection on our shed failed today. Apparently the bottom riser on the stairs is too high. It’s not too difficult to fix but you have to pay $60 for every failed inspection.

I stopped off at Moe’s on the way home from work this evening. Katie likes Moe’s chicken and it is always a quick meal.

2014-04-29 - Tube Of BirdsIn order to coax Katie into the tub on Sunday we gave her a little tube of toy birds (see photo to the right). She loved them and wanted to play with them tonight. She knew what a toucan was.

Katie came up to me and gave me a kiss on the lips before she went to bed. I wonder who is teaching her this stuff?

Tornado’s are rolling into town today and tomorrow as a weather system from Texas and Oklahoma passes through. The safest place for us is downstairs in the bathroom but we really need to get a good warning radio. The old one we had in Cary used to broadcast everything and anything and there was no way to select only the severe warnings.

1) Katie gave me a kiss on the lips this evening.