Day #1585 (Wed., May 7, 2014) – Magical Spells

My wife had to leave for a work meeting early this morning so I dropped Katie off at school. On the way we pretended that we had magical powers and could turn each other into other animals. I told her that I didn’t want to be turned into an “Eye Of A Newt”. Of course her response was, what’s an “Eye Of A Newt”.

2014-05-07 - Katie's EggKatie continues to create wonderful egg decorations (see photo to the left).

Katie was very excited to see Eleri at school today. She ran up to her to say hello but Eleri brushed past her to say hi to Molly. I don’t think it registered with Katie what was happening but I felt sorry for her.

When I got home this evening Katie was splashing about in the new inflatable pool my wife bought for her. It will be nice once our patio gets built. She can then splash about without having to worry about mosquitoes or flies.

1) Katie now has a new inflatable pool to splash about in.