Day #1601 (Fri., May 23, 2014) – Splash Day!!!

I have the flu or “something” so I won’t be going to work today. Katie was not sick at all these past few weeks so I can’t blame this one on her. This illness just came out of the blue…

2014-05-23 - Big SlideToday is the final “school day” for this year. It’s called “Splash Day” in that it is basically a pool party. My wife took Katie and stayed around for the festivities. For some reason Katie was scared of the giant slide (see photo to the left) this year. The head teacher held her as she went down the slide the first time and that was it…she didn’t want to go down again.

Stephanie came to take care of Katie this afternoon. They ended up at a local park and fed the ducks. I guess there were a bunch of little ducklings there as well.

1) Katie was afraid of the giant water slide at Splash Day this year.