Day #1607 (Thu., May 29, 2014) – Gymnastic Shorts

2014-05-29 - LegosAs you can see in the photo to the left Katie is getting really good with Legos. She assembled this piece all by herself. Nicky used to play with Legos a lot when she was a little girl so this is one thing that they do together. Nicky also takes Katie to the pool at her apartment complex and teaches her how to swim…she used to be part of a swim team as well.

When I got home from work today Katie was modelling her gymnastic shorts. Since she will be going to gymnastics class soon she needs something to wear. Only problem is…they are a bit too big so my wife will need to order her a smaller pair.

Katie told me that Nikki took her over to her place and she got the chance to pat her cat Rory. No only that…Rory was purring.

1) Katie got some gymnastic shorts in the mail today.