Day #1614 (Thu., June 5, 2014) – Party Food

2014-06-05 - Annie's BunniesMy wife asked me to pick up some supplies for tomorrow’s pool party on the way home from work. I actually forgot so I had to turn the car around and go back. A watermelon and some Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (see photo to the right) at Fresh Market. Check.

Katie was all over my dinner this evening. She kept wanting a piece of cheese off my plate. In fact she even drank my glass of water as well. Everything tastes so much better when it comes from daddy’s plate.

I find that I’m getting a bit nostalgic these days. Our little girl is growing up. The little one I used to drive around Apex and Cary in the middle of the night has now progressed through the stage of “Jungle Animals” and is well into sticker books and being read to these days.

1) Katie loves to eat food off of daddy’s plate.