Day #1619 (Tue., June 10, 2014) – Watching Frozen

2014-06-10 - Frozen MovieMy wife got a DVD of the movie “Frozen” yesterday (see photo to the left) and Katie has been dutifully watching it. It’s funny how some of these movies take hold and others don’t. I don’t remember a hit children’s movie this big since “Finding Nemo”. Even the lady I met on the carousel on Sunday said that her daughter would run around the house pretending that ice was coming out of her fingers.

Katie only slept for 8 hours (as opposed to her usual 11) last night so she was rather tired when I got home from work this evening. She did find time to run around the house without any underwear on though…something that she really gets a kick out of these days.

As I was driving home I happened to see Genevieve walking home. I guess she is back to work now. I mentioned how my wife and I were planning on having her and her husband over for dinner and she said the same. Time just really flies when you have kids and jobs…

1) Katie sure enjoys the Frozen Movie.