Day #1650 (Fri., July 11, 2014) – Ball Fence

2014-07-11 - Ball FenceI took today off from work as a vacation day. With Katie growing older I decided that I would put a makeshift fence on the side of our driveway (see photo to the left). When we play soccer with the ball it tends to fall over the driveway and into our neighbor’s yard. They sold a bundle of stakes at Lowe’s for about $11…and with twine and some nails…up she went.

My wife wanted me to pick up Katie at 3pm today so I had to leave the fence partially done. By 3pm I was at Spence’s Farm to pick up Katie. I got to meet “Handsome John” (as Katie called her counselor and Mr. Spence as well. Mr. Spence gave us some swiss chard to take home. He asked Katie what she enjoyed the most about the day and she replied “Climbing Rainbow Mountain”.

“Handsome” John told me that it is a real joy to have Katie in his class. He told me that she is a brave little girl and will do things that 7 year olds will not…like climbing Rainbow Mountain. He said that if we ever want to get rid of her for a month or two to let him know.

This evening Katie and I made some crafts with chickens in various stages of life. An egg, a chick hatching out of an egg, a baby chick, and an adult chicken.

1) Katie graduated from Spence’s Farm today.