Day #1656 (Thu., July 17, 2014) – Jellybeans For Katie

Nikki was telling us this morning that Miley, her dog, really loves Katie. She said that sometimes when she comes home Miley will run past her to see Katie.

2014-07-17 - Nikki's LegosNikki is so good to Katie. Today she brought Katie some of the Legos that she used to play with when she was a child (see photo to the right).

Katie really enjoys going to Nikki’s place to swim in the pool. I guess she doesn’t want Nikki to get anywhere near her as she is swimming. She is one brave soul.

We had a little box of jellybeans kicking around the house for the past few weeks. Last night I finished them off. Once they were gone Katie took a shining to them and was upset that there were none left for her. So today, I went to WholeFoods to pick up some goat’s milk and I got some more jellybeans for Katie as well.

1) Katie is one brave swimming soul.