Day #1660 (Mon., July 21, 2014) – Nikki To The Rescue!!!

It is so great to have Nikki around. My wife was not feeling well today and Nikki offered to come over and help out. It would be great to get her something special as a sign of appreciation. But what would that be?

We need goat’s milk from WholeFoods and juice packs from Trader Joe’s but my wife wanted me to rush home to take care of Katie. She was having a rough day. I cooked her up some white cheddar macaroni and cheese…something she had been craving. As an added bonus Katie ate two and a half small bowls of it as well. What’s left over my wife will take to work tomorrow.

2014-07-21 - Key GameI tended to Katie this evening while my wife took a nap. She invented a new game…throw the key into the can (see photo to the right). She was closer than I was so she won a number of times before I got into the groove. We then did some water color painting and drawing. I put a new cartoon on television called “LazyTown” as she lapped that up.

My wife got up around 8pm but didn’t have enough strength to put Katie to bed. I brushed Katie’s teeth while she watched LazyTown. I then changed her and read her three stories before putting her to bed. Remember all that white cheddar macaroni and cheese? Well it didn’t do the trick…Katie was up til 11pm.

1) Katie invented a new game this evening…throw the key into a can.