Day #1668 (Tue., July 29, 2014) – Weaving Construction Paper

Today was Katie’s second day at soccer camp. Nikki took her to the camp and they went back to her place afterwards. I guess she got some goals and even had a wonderful time. This evening I asked Katie if she scored any goals for daddy and she replied that she only scored goals for mommy.

My wife threw up a lot today. She even managed to gag on some watermelon. Reminiscent of the old days with the turkey. I made her macaroni and cheese and hot dogs as soon as I got home from work and she soon went to bed. Katie wasn’t too interested in having any dinner but Batman sure was. He knocked her plate of food off onto the floor and I had to shoo him away.

2014-07-29 - Weaving Construction PaperThis evening Katie and I draw and played with the construction paper. I showed her how to cut small pieces of construction paper and weave them into a pattern (see photo to the left). She’s almost getting the hang of it…

I also put the animated cartoon movie “Hercules” on television for her to enjoy.

1) Katie scored some goals in soccer camp today.