Day #127 (Mon., May 10, 2010) – Peek-A-Boo

2:12am and everyone in the house is up. Little Katie slept for 5 hours and my wife was saying what a blessing it was. Hopefully the days of the “1 hour sleeping sessions” are over.

2010-05-10 - Mother's Day and Birthday Cards
2010-05-10 - Mother's Day and Birthday Cards

The picture on the right shows the four cards that my wife got yesterday. One from little Katie and one from me for Mother’s day, and one from little Katie and one from me for my wife’s birthday. This just happens to be one of those days in which both occasions fall on the same day.

Little Katie seems to be very interested in daddy the last couple of days. When she is feeding and I leave the nursery she stops and turns her head to see me leave. I can do two things that seem to get a rapid smile from her. They are:

1) Say “Chippy Chippy Chipmunk” as per the song.
2) Say “Dwoing, dwoing, dwoing” as per the bouncy sound in the Winnie The Pooh book.

When I do this she will smile and turn her head away from me…like she is flirting.

I got an email from my wife while I was at work. She said:

————————————————————————————————————————————–Katie learned a new trick. She usually takes one long 3-hour nap (her second nap of her three daily naps). Her new trick is to get up after an hour, eat and then sleep for a few more hours…without actually waking up.

She was a little bit fussy today – I had to carry her quite a bit. At some point I put her in a bouncy seat in front of a drier and loaded it with stuff from the washer – she liked that!

I was playing with little Katie on the bed this evening and put a kleenex tissue up between our faces. I lowered it quickly and said “peek-a-boo”. Little Katie smiled and giggled. My wife said that around this age they realize if you hide your face behind something you are not gone…


1) Little Katie loves “Chippy Chippy Chipmunk” and “Dwoing, dwoing, dwoing”.