Day #1677 (Thu., Aug. 7, 2014) – Strawberry Smoothie

2014-08-07 - Frozen Coloring BookThe photo to the right shows the Frozen coloring book that my wife got for Katie. It comes equipped with its own crayons.

My wife had a hankering for a strawberry smoothie this evening so I whipped one up in the blender. Katie came up to me and said that mom said she could have the first glass. She enjoyed a large glass full equipped with a straw.

Later this evening Katie wanted to climb into bed with mommy and daddy. Unfortunately she won’t sit still, and all her movement was making my wife sick.

There is one way to get the cats into the house. Go out on the patio and clang the side of the cat food tin with a knife. I have never seen Robin move so fast. Batman on the other hand will stick around the kitchen as soon as I come home. He knows that it will soon be feeding time.

This evening Robin was sleeping on Katie’s bed. My wife took him out to the living room but he just marched right back in to her bed again. They seem to have a special bond. Not exactly sure what that’s about, but it’s nice to see them growing closer. Batman, on the other hand, will run like mad as soon as he hears her voice.

1) Katie still likes “Frozen”.