Day #1699 (Fri., Aug. 29, 2014) – Poo Poo Rat

2014-08-29 - DrawingKatie’s drawings are getting much more elaborate these days. Her latest creation is in the photo to the right.

We called up Everett this evening and it looks like Chapel Hill is not going to give us a permit for the patio without a professional architect on the project. We’re going to look into it but are a bit wary of the fees.

I’ve been calling Katie “Daddy’s little Wildebeast” lately. Kind of an inside joke that we have. Katie responded this evening that she is not a Wildebeast but a “Poo Poo Rat” (whatever that is). I immediately played up on this and the story went something like this…

I told my wife that Robin went outside and brought in a “Poo Poo Rat” and it is lose in the house. I don’t want a “Poo Poo Rat” in the house and now it is even in my LazyBoy. I went to get the broom to shoo it out of the house and it immediately ran into Katie’s bedroom with me and the broom in tow. Katie was laughing and giggling under the covers when I tickled her with the broom. So went the game. Later this evening Katie was in the tub making noises and I yelled out “Is that a Poo Poo Rat in the tub?” She would howl with laughter.

1) Katie said she was a “Poo Poo Rat” this evening.