Day #1704 (Wed., Sep. 3, 2014) – First Day As A Frog

I had a hard time sleeping last night. Perhaps trying to digest the good news?

My wife drove Katie to school today…her first day as a “Frog”. I guess as soon as she saw Elery in the hallway they said how much they missed each other and they started to hug. When Elery went to the bathroom Katie said she would sit outside and wait for her to come out. They sure are good friends.

2014-09-03 - Batman OutfitAs a “Frog” the kids are supposed to sign their name. I guess Katie did this in great form this morning. Unfortunately we have lost the disk for our camera so my wife was not able to record it. We ordered another disk from Amazon and it came today.

I just had to show a picture of Katie’s classmate Luke. He’s a fan of Batman and according to his mom he will not take off his outfit. He even wore this outfit and cape to his first day of class today (See photo to the right).

As usual, it’s hard to get information out of Katie in regards to what she did during the day. She will reply “I don’t know”. My wife was able to glean that they did a bit of dress up and did some crafts and had a snack.

1) Katie had her first day as a Frog today.