Day #1706 (Fri., Sep. 5, 2014) – Signing Her Name

2014-09-05 - Signing NameMy wife dropped Katie off at school this morning and she signed her name as she entered the classroom. This is something that all Frogs need to do to start the day. My wife was able to record it (see photo to the left) as we now have a new disk for the camera. She does have incredibly good penmanship for her age.

On World News Tonight this evening they had a segment where they talked about how hard it was to get kids to talk about their day at school. On the segment the kids would reply “Fine”. We can’t even get that out of Katie. She will just say “I don’t know”. Of course those kids on the segment were of kindergarten age. I guess “Fine” is something we can look forward to.

Katie came running up to my wife and I this evening saying she had a great idea. She was dangling a little string or something and wanted to go out onto the patio and wave it in front of Robin so he could play with it. Anything to get out of going to bed at this age… 🙂

1) Katie has incredibly good penmanship in signing her name.