Day #1708 (Sun., Sep. 7, 2014) – Trying Licorice

When I woke up this morning Katie was playing CandyLand with my wife. This was the first time we saw her actually play the game. Usually she would throw the pieces around. Our little girl is growing up.

This morning I picked up some goat’s milk for Katie at WholeFoods and returned some jeans for my wife to “Old Navy”.

2014-09-07 - LicoriceThis afternoon Katie wanted to make some “Fairy Wings” so we got two pieces of construction paper out. I cut the pattern and taped them together and Katie decorated them with stickers. I was planning on using a skipping rope to secure them to her back but somewhere along the line she lost interest.

I picked up some licorice candy at Trader Joe’s yesterday (see photo to the left). I told Katie that if she ate all three of her fish sticks I would give her a special treat. She started her game of “You mean a bite off of each fish stick”? No, I replied… All three of them. When it came time to give her the licorice candy I wasn’t sure if she would like it or not. I could see from her face that she did not, but she tried to nod that she liked them. She later told me that she did not. So, I gave her a vanilla cupcake. That was much more to her liking.

While my wife took a nap Katie and I went out to the front yard to look for acorns for her toy parakeet.

1) I gave Katie some licorice candy today but it didn’t go over very well.