Day #1715 (Sun., Sep. 14, 2014) – Daddy/Daughter Day #19

I made a huge bowl of spaghetti for lunch today. Katie did a great job of fixing up the table. She also ate a ton of spaghetti. We’re going to have to sit at the table more often.

I said grace at the table and mentioned how thankful we were to be having a little baby boy soon. I was wondering if Katie would say anything…but she didn’t. I’m not sure how much of this is sinking in.

I took Katie out on Daddy/Daughter Day #19 today while my wife napped. Her brother did call her to talk to her about our new boy…coming soon.

2014-09-14 - Sticker FunWhile we were out Katie and I :
1) Returned some clothes to Old Navy and got an animal sticker book.
2) Got more stickers, a card game, and some cotton candy at the Dollar Store.

Katie wanted to rush home to eat the cotton candy. I ended up drawing some scenes like a castle (see photo to the right) that Katie would put stickers on.

Katie gave Robin some water from the birth bath this afternoon. I mentioned to her that he might get sick as it has bugs in it. She went rushing outside to take it away and brought Robin into the house so that he could have some clean water from his dish instead.

1) I mentioned that Katie would be having a baby brother soon while saying grace.