Day #1724 (Tue., Sep. 23, 2014) – Wife Is Sick

My wife is sick with a cold/flu today so I took Katie to school. I’m not feeling 100% myself, but at least I’m better off than my wife. Katie was pretty happy for the most part. She signed her name on the board at the entrance to the classroom. She went into the room and then started to get clingy. She wanted me to go into the room with her. I did and sat her down at a table of crafts at which point she let me leave her and go to work.

2014-09-23 - MealWhen I got home this evening my wife was no better. I made shrimp with peas and mushroom with a side of couscous for dinner (see photo to the right). Katie at a lot of the shrimp. My wife went to bed and I tended to Katie.

I made some banana bread this evening. I gave Katie a piece with her warm milk and she snuggled into the LazyBoy to watch “He-Man – Master of the Universe”. I thought she would love the banana bread but in the end she just picked out the raisins.

Katie and I played a bit with the Legos this evening. Low and behold who should come and join us but Robin. There was a cardboard box nearby that Robin was enjoying crawling into and I showed Katie how to rub catnip into it for more excitement. Later in the evening I went to check on Katie in her bed and who should be there? Robin. He really likes being with her. Lights out around 9:30pm.

1) Katie learned how to spread catnip around this evening.