Day #1760 (Wed., Oct. 29, 2014) – Cat Mess

Katie was kid of the day at preschool. This means that she gets to ring bell to call everyone back from break. It also means that she is the first kid to wash her hands. She even has a “special chair” to sit in.

My wife wanted me to be home by 5:30pm this evening as she had a meeting and Nicky was dropping Katie off. In the end Nicky stayed til about 6pm and we chatted about Katie and children and such.

2014-10-29 - Swiss Family RobinsonKatie locked the cats in the master bedroom this evening so that she could read stories to them. I guess that Batman was so traumatized he made a mess in my bed.

Later this evening Katie and I snuggled in the master bed and watched “Swiss Family Robinson” together (see photo to the left). I told her that it was about a family that made friends with the animals.

1) Katie was “Kid Of The Day” at her preschool this morning.