Day #1762 (Fri., Oct. 31, 2014) – Katie The Mermaid

2014-10-31 - Katie The MermaidKatie dressed up as Ariel The Mermaid today (see photo to the left) and off to preschool she went. No dramas today…which was nice. My wife told me that Duncan came up to her and said that Elery made fun of her costume.

I left work early today so that I could be home to help out with the Halloween festivities. Katie was Ariel of course. I dressed up as Sebastian the Lobster (via a lobster cap I got from Canada). My wife was going to paint her face but ended up being a London Bobby courtesy of the hat we picked up at the yard sale a few weeks ago. She was already dressed in black so it was a perfect outfit.

We drove the Camry to Susan’s house but I had to go back and get the Jack-O-Lantern and street maps for the “Trick or Treaters”. Katie and Helen started off treat or treating together but when Katie fell Helen ran off with Leah. Katie spent the rest of the evening trick or treating with mommy and daddy.

Gunther was dressed as a doggie (courtesy of a costume from my wife) but changed to a pumpkin by the time we met at Helen and Brian’s house for the party. The party went quite well. Katie ate a lot of the chili and fruit. I played air hockey with Monte and Bradly in the basement. All of the ladies were very serving to my pregnant wife.

1) Katie fell while Trick Or Treating with Helen and Leah.