Day #1770 (Sat., Nov. 8, 2014) – Chinese Music Class

2014-11-08 - Christmas ChocolateThe photo to the right shows some Christmas advent chocolate that I picked up for Katie at Trader Joe’s. My wife sometimes has problems getting Katie into the car for preschool…the promise of one of these chocolates each morning might do the trick.

I took Katie to Chinese music class this morning. Helen and Susan were there. Katie was shy and clingy at first but soon calmed down. I took her to YoPop afterwards. This was effectively Daddy/Daughter Day #23.

This afternoon we spent a lot of time cleaning up the house as Teagan and her family are coming this evening for supper (Ryan, Raquel, Teagan and her brother Mason). Mason enjoyed the Legos and my onyx chess set. Katie and Teagan enjoyed tying up Isabelle the giraffe. We all had a great time chatting around the dinner table and chowing down on TJ’s lasagna and desserts.

1) Katie’s schoolmate Teagan and her family came for dinner this evening.