Day #1776 (Fri., Nov. 14, 2014) – Daddy’s Back

I caught the early morning flight out of Orlando and arrived back in Raleigh around noon. As I was driving up our driveway I could see Katie coming to greet me at the door. Of course she wanted to see her present. Last night when I told her that I bought the present for her I gave her the option of either seeing it then or waiting til tomorrow when I arrive home. She chose to wait til today. What four year old is able to delay gratification like that? She really is something else…

2014-11-14 - Ariel PlaysetShe took to her Ariel play set (see photo to the left) right away. Down on the floor with them enacting out various scenes. It was obviously a good choice. Much better than a Mickey Mouse hat or t-shirt. I’m sure that those will come along at some point in the future though.

We had to drive Batman and Robin out to the vet this afternoon to get their rabies shots. My wife wanted me to come as the cage with two cats is probably too heavy for a pregnant lady to carry. Robin was much more scared than Batman. This is the first time I ever heard Robin meow…or cry out…or whatever that noise was.

When we got home I went right to bed. I seem to have gotten some sort of a virus at the convention. Hopefully a good sleep will do the trick.

1) Katie was willing to wait til today to learn of her present from Orlando.