Day #1792 (Sun., Nov. 30, 2014) – Baby Poinsettia

2014-12-30 - FlowerKatie has been asking for avocados so I stopped off at Trader Joe’s this morning. I also got a baby poinsettia (see photo to the right), which soon ended up in Katie’s room as opposed to the kitchen table.

I also went to Home Depot and Lowe’s to get some hooks to secure the shelving units to the walls in the office downstairs. I used the hand truck to take the two shelving units down, but securing them to the walls proved to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. When it was all done I was tired and sore…time to rest and watch some football.

While Katie was downstairs we got talking about her new sibling. She seemed to think it would be a sister at one point so I had to correct her. If she was bothered about the fact it would be a brother and not a sister she didn’t seem to indicate it.

1) Katie seemed to think she would be having a baby sister at some point today.