Day #1799 (Sun., Dec. 7, 2014) – Painting Katie’s New Room

2014-12-07 - Sample On The WallWith all the supplies in hand today was the day to actually get at Katie’s new room. This morning I taped down the entire room with frogtape so that it would be easier to get straight lines when the actual painting begins. At Lowe’s yesterday I also found a combination masking tape/plastic sheeting that will help to prevent paint drops from messing up the floor.

The next step was to put the actual wall paint sample up to see if we like the color or not (see photo to the right). Both my wife and Katie gave the go ahead so I will have to buy a gallon of the stuff the next time I am at Lowe’s.

Katie is very excited about her new room. With all the furniture gone she will go inside and yell to hear the echo. I took time to explain to her why the frogtape was in place and showed her the colors for her new walls and drawers.

Speaking of drawers tonight I painted the white dresser area that the drawers will go into.

1) Katie can get an echo when she yells in her new room.