Day #1825 (Fri., Jan. 2, 2015) – Beatles Cartoons

I have the day off work today so I slept in. When I got up my wife was already to go back to bed so I tended to Katie. I made some buckwheat crepes and fried up some sausages. I wrapped one sausage and called it a “Piggy In A Blanket” to entice Katie’s interest. She had one “Piggy In A Blanket” and two “Naked Piggies”…great to see her eat something. Always on the lookout for something new for Katie to watch while she munches away I put on the Beatles cartoons that were made back in 1965.

2015-01-02 - Catnip ToysWhen my wife got up from her nap I was off to run errands. I ended up at Party City to buy 20 more pink cake plates. I also got some more green “Frog Tape” from Lowe’s and a couple of catnip toys (see photo to the left) for Batman & Robin (they loved them).

This afternoon I took some boxes to the downstairs office and took the pool and baby gates to the shed. I then put a coat of white paint on the closet doors in little Bobby’s room.

For dinner this evening I put some fish & chips in the oven while my wife took Katie down the road to see Lucy. We learned that Lucy’s husband died a few days before Christmas.

1) Katie enjoyed the buckwheat wrapped sausages I made for her today.