Day #1832 (Fri., Jan. 9, 2015) – Storage Bins For Katie’s Bookcase

2015-01-09 - Storage BinsThe storage bins for Katie’s bookcase came today (see photo to the right). They are a lovely pink/lavender color and work nicely with the rest of the colors in the room.

My wife sent me an email this afternoon if I was coming home soon. Judging from Katie’s mood when I got home I can understand why. She was whining and complaining…my wife was soon off to bed and I tended to Katie for the evening.

One of the problems with Katie is that she tends to not eat. As the day progresses she becomes harder and harder to handle. Fortunately for me this evening she was interested in having a grilled cheese sandwich when I offered. In fact, after the first one she came back for seconds. Her mood quickly improved.

I brought out my iPhone and videoed Katie was she jumped up and down on her bed singing songs and telling stories. She loves it when we replay it so she can see herself. She laughs and laughs at her antics.

I read Katie the story “The Three Little Pigs” for bedtime. I told her the lesson was to always be prepared and work hard. She listened intently as I explained why.

1) Katie loves it when I video her on the iPhone and play it back.