Day #1838 (Thu., Jan. 15, 2015) – 48 Cans Of Tuna

2015-01-15 - Kitty TreatsI ran a number of errands at noon time today. I returned some clothes to Kohl’s for my wife. I then went to Home Depot where I picked up some clear finish for Katie’s dresser drawers (to protect the paint from chipping off in the future). While at Home Depot I also picked up some light bulbs for the new chandelier light that we put up in Katie’s room last Saturday.

On the way home from work I stopped off at Trader Joe’s as we are getting real low on supplies. The tuna catfood that Batman and Robin like so much is back in stock so I picked up 48 cans of the stuff. Trader Joe’s also had a little plastic bottle of kitty treats (see photo to the right) so I picked them up as well (Batman and Robin loved them).

Katie and I have been sharing the cats as of late…or at least Robin, when bedtime comes. My wife will take Robin to her room to sleep on her bed til Katie falls asleep. After that, Robin comes to the master bedroom to hopefully spend the night. Batman…he runs as soon as he hears the slight peep out of Katie.

1) Katie and I have been sharing the cats at bedtime.