Day #1857 (Tue., Feb. 3, 2015) – Card Tricks

As I was driving Katie to school this morning we got onto the subject of work. Katie replied “Daddy, you know my job is to play. So I can learn”. She took a big bag of Legos with her for Show & Share. While at preschool I gave her teacher Kasey’s phone number in case there was a problem. Kasey will be picking Katie up from preschool this afternoon.

2015-02-03 - Light SwitchAt noon today I stopped off at Home Depot to pick up some tiny screws to secure the cover over the switch on Katie’s bedroom wall. I did this tonight when I got home from work (see photo to the left).

Katie was in the mood for more magic tricks this evening so we tried a few out on the audience…my wife. We’re gradually navigating to the area of card tricks as they don’t require too many props.

To finish up the evening Katie and I played a card game in which I would pick a card and try to describe an an animal that was on it. Then it was Katie’s turn.

1) Katie and I did some magic card tricks this evening.