Day #1860 (Fri., Feb. 6, 2015) – Mild Anemia

My wife took Katie to see a nurse this morning. Here’s what she said:

“I just talked to a nurse. Katie’s blood test shows immunity to chicken pox (meaning that she indeed had it and don’t need more vaccinations). Also, the blood count that I requested (normally they do it only at 12 months and 13 years shows mild anemia, so she will need iron supplements”.

On Wednesday Katie got Mumps/Measles/Rubella, Tetanus/Diphteria/Pertussis and Polio booster shots. She either needed a booster shot for chickenpox or the proof that she already had chicken pox.

2015-02-06 - Magic TricksKatie has developed a bad cough. She has her Chinese music class tomorrow but it doesn’t look like she will be able to make it. My wife is still feeling ill and is without a voice.

Another magic show tonight. Of course I was the Unmasked Masked Magician and Katie was my lovely assistant. I brought out one of the Magic Kits that I got at the Dollar Store a few days ago (see photo to the right). The two tricks for this evening were: (1) Rope Trick and (2) Spoon Bending Trick.

1) Katie has mild anemia.