Day #1863 (Mon., Feb. 9, 2015) – Katie The Lawyer

I took today off work as this is going to be a busy day. The first step of the process was for my wife and I to drop Katie off at preschool. Today should be a good day for her as they are going to be making Valentines for their classmates.

2015-02-09 - Baby HatWe then drove to Duke for our first of four appointments for today. We did manage to go to the Mediterranean Deli downstairs for lunch in-between. I had the usual kebab platter while my wife had the tilapia fish. Before we could finish we were called back upstairs for our last appointment. They gave us a choice between three little baby boy caps. We chose the one shown in the photo to the left.

When we got home we were both tired so we took a nap before Nikki dropped Katie off. Nikki made us a great big dish of ziti pasta.

This evening Katie was wandering around the house looking for her panther (i.e.: Robin). At one point she came up to see my wife and said “How do you like my hair now that it is shorter”? I guess all kids get active with scissors this age…at least she left poor Robin alone this time.

This evening we put flea and tick medicine on the back of the cat’s neck. When I took Robin to Katie’s room I told her not to pet him as I didn’t want her to get the medicine on her hands. When I went into the room later to check on her she was patting Robin with socks on her hands. She told me that she put them on so that she would not get medicine on her hands. Following the “Letter of the Law” but not the spirit. Sometimes I think she will be a lawyer when she grows up.

1) Katie is getting very good at navigating around the letter of the law.