Day #1867 (Fri., Feb. 13, 2015) – Exchanging Valentines

2015-02-13 - Valentine From LukeThey exchanged Valentines Day cards at Katie’s school today. Katie (with the help of my wife) gave the kids in her class a bag of various gifts that included some of the items I picked up at the Dollar Store a few weeks ago. Items such as a heart-themed eraser and toy heart ring. Katie got a Valentine from Luke with a Batman on it (go figure). You can see it in the photo to the right.

This evening, after I put her to bed, Katie started to whimper. I went to see her and she asked me to sit by her bed. She was upset that she couldn’t have more Lego Play Sets. I tried to explain to her that some kids don’t have toys and in fact don’t even have food to eat and go to bed hungry. She thought for a bit but then went back to crying about her Lego Play Sets. I guess my wife told her a while back that she would not be getting any more until she learned to clean up after herself and take care of what she already has. We are stepping on various Lego components all the time.

1) Katie exchanged Valentines with her classmates today.