Day #1890 (Sun., Mar. 8, 2015) – Punishment: No More Robin

2015-03-08 - Robin's HatPoor Robin…all tinted with orange. At least he has a new hat to show off (see photo to the right). It is actually a “Pee Tee Pee” for little Bobby.

My wife and I decided on what we feel is an apt punishment for little Katie’s escapade with the food coloring last night. She was not allowed to leave the property…no visiting Ginger next door and no visits from any of her friends. In addition she will not be allowed to have Robin in her room til she proves to us that we can trust her.

I ran some errands this afternoon. We needed to get some shampoo for Katie’s hair. They were out of it at the Target near Sam’s Club but I found two bottles in the Target near SouthPoint. I also went to Sam’s Club and picked up some Zip Lock bags, mushroom ravioli for lunch, strawberries, and a watermelon. Unfortunately the watermelon was a bit rotten and sour. Katie did have a few pieces though as she had a pretend picnic on the patio.

As my wife slept this afternoon Katie and I had an Easter egg hunt on the front lawn. We also played a few games of hide and seek and I counted to 100 as she jumped up and down on the trampoline.

My wife tried to do some cleaning up around the house today but it is getting increasingly hard as little Bobby’s due date will soon be here. Oh well, only a few days left…

1) Katie got grounded today for her antics with Robin last night.