Day #1928 (Wed., Apr. 15, 2015) – Playdate With Eleri

I dropped Katie off at school this morning. They were having school photos today. Katie said that her hair looked really bad with the elastic on it so the photographer took it out.

Katie and Eleri had a playdate after school today. Vanessa mentioned that her apartment was quite small so Nikki dropped Katie off and came home to help my wife clean up the place.

2015-04-15 - Lego GardenKatie made a lovely “Lego Garden” out of blocks (see photo to the right).

We were running terribly low on supplies so as soon as I got home from work and made dinner I went to both WholeFoods and Trader Joe’s. My wife wanted Jello at WholeFoods. I also got some goat’s milk and potato salad while I was there. I saw Vanessa, Eleri’s mother, at WholeFoods and she mentioned that Katie and her daughter played really nicely today.

When I got home I put the groceries away and then went to play with Katie. She wanted me to pick out various objects from the kid’s dictionary and give her clues as to what they were so she could guess them.

Little Bobby rested in my arms for quite a while this evening looking around at the various lights. He let my wife get a 2 hour nap today which was nice. This along with the 7 hours she was able to sleep last night means that she is in much better shape than she was.